Intimacy with Jesus is never an alone thing, because the overwhelming love we experience on the receiving end will spur us to love others.

seeking to live a life based on principles

what can wash away my sins?

more than a cleansing agent, the blood of Jesus was a sign of His pure love.

His blood typified both grace and mercy and I am truly in awe of a God who lives the walk and gives me hope.

Jesus is the perfect example of beauty,

Though eye has not seen Him, we still marvel at Him. It has never been the external of what we see, but a connection which God has established through communication and study, that Jesus has shown Himself to us.

Character, Holiness, Meekness and a Pure Heart is truly what makes one beautiful.

Get yourself down to the library and read a book. Seriously. It is a waste of time. It seems to have a certain momentum at the moment. Everyone seems to want to do it.

Sir Alex Ferguson (commenting on the Twitter craze)
cake monster!

cake monster!

anger knows no control when pride sets in

in such times, one loses all credibility from a moment’s outburst

Shema Yisroel Adonoi Eloheinu Adonoi Echad

Deuteronomy 6:4

One downcast believer makes twenty souls sad

Charles Spurgeon

trusting that we can listen to the voice of God is an act of faith itself, because it is usually coupled with an action of obedience